Auctioning off ORIGINAL ART and AMG® COLLECTIBLE Items

RULES and INSTRUCTIONS are as follows:

1. Interested participants in AMG®’s 7 DAY AUCTION must register at the link below where you will fill out your NAME, EMAIL, PHONE and STARTING BID, then submit.

2. AFTER completing your form and SUBMITTING, you will see the following notice on your browser.

An EMAIL with YOUR BID CARD and ALL the information containing your bid. SAVE THE EMAIL so you may be able to access to PLACE A HIGHER BID or you can simply fill out a NEW BID CARD with your HIGHER BID.

3. CLOSING BID DATES are specified on your DIGITAL BID CARD. A notice of the HIGHEST BIDDER for each auctioned item will be posted daily with ITEM NUMBER on the ABYSSINIA MEDIA GROUP® WEBSITE.

4. At the end of the 7 DAY AUCTION CLOSING, the HIGHEST BIDDER will be posted HERE, personally notified via information provided, FORM OF PAYMENT is then transacted and MAILING info exchanged.

5. ITEMS NOT CLAIMED or BOUGHT by HIGHEST BIDDER within 3 DAYS (72 Hours), AFTER CLOSING BID DATE, their bid is FORFIETED and the Auction Item’s Claim will then go to the NEXT HIGHEST BIDDER! UNCLAIMED and UNPAID items will be RETURNED TO AUCTION!

7 DAY AUCTION for the week of


Carles Joseph (CJ) Juzang was born on December 26, 1957 in Chicago Illinois. Raised in Oakland California, Carles’ primary education was in a number of public and private schools, graduating from Oakland High School in 1976. Achieved a degree in Media Arts and Animation in 2008. CJ began with the “idea” of Abyssinia Media Group® 1996 under the name of Abyssinia Comic Group. Later changed the name to "Media Group" but sticking with the concept of creatively finding ways of telling African centered stories for a school populace that were conscious and learning their African cultural roots through comic books.